What XI Should We Expect in the FA Cup?

Credit Graham Burrell

City face a long break from league action, with news of the game against Sunderland being called off.

That means aside from the FA Cup tie, we’ll next be in action on November 20th against Doncaster Rovers. That’s good news in some respects; we should have Scully and Bridcutt back for that game, and maybe Joe Walsh as well. We can hope! Of course, it also means that some of our key individuals can have a rest, but that’s a quandary for Michael, isn’t it? A rest is one thing, but what if some players begin to lose the match sharpness? Missing a week is all well and good, but will he now look to include more seniority in the side that face Bowers and Pitsea in the FA Cup this weekend.

The magic of the cup – Credit Graham Burrell

That game is a lose/lose, in reality. We’re all looking forward to it, but Michael won’t see it as a fun day, because he’ll know that almost any outcome results in fans having a bit of a moan. Sure, if City win 6-0, then fans will be happy, but that won’t happen. We’ll see a compact team come down to the Bank, wanting to get stuck in and have a go. We’ll need to be patient and you know what that means; sideways and backwards, looking to tire the part-time team out. However, whilst that will be our approach, no different to usual, fans will think we should be routing the team that sounds like an accountancy firm. If we win 3-0 or 2-1, many will class it as not enough. Any result other than a win, and I’m deactivating social media for the meltdown.

Mind you, our fringe players and subs should have enough to win the game, even with a few faces we’ve seen very little of. Who do I think will take to the field in red and white this weekend: here’s my rundown of the expected starting XI.