We’ve Done It! Development Fund Tops £10k

We’ve done it! The Stacey West Development Fund had topped £10k, smashing our original target.

The joint venture between us, Vital Lincoln City, Burton Road Chippy, Imptoons and L.I.S.A has gone beyond all expectations. Much of that is thanks to you, your generous donations have helped push us towards the target. We’ve also had a great raffle, with super prizes, as well as four0figure sums from Imptoons and Burton Road Chippy, putting on events and special projects.

We’re at £10,128, which will certainly help towards the costs of the new stand. Remember, much of it has been covered by grants to the value of £1.5m, as well as the ongoing Red Imps Community Trust driven bond scheme.

Why develop the Stacey West? I know that’s been a question many have asked, especially as we have so few sellouts at present. The development isn’t just about expanding the capacity, although it is a key driver. There are several teams that could sell out the developed stand, especially on a Saturday. Sheff Weds, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Rotherham would certainly sell it out, as would big teams in the cup. With a degree of success, we might even be able to get close ourselves, who knows?

That isn’t the only reason though. One massive aspect of the new development would be an additional water feed coming into the stadium. At present, the ground is served by a single, Victorian-era water pipe. Sadly, that means that pinch points, such as half time, have a huge demand for water and not enough for the stadium. Ever been to the loo before the game and seen it flush, only to find it won’t at halftime? That’s why. Anyway, a development will bring a second, more modern feed, into the other end of the ground. No more toilet woes.

The Lincoln City Foundation, a key part of the community, will move into the offices and rooms at the back, and the stand will become a big resource for local people. That means more functionality through the week and an increased bond with locals, which is fundamental for fans of the future.

So, there you go. Your donations, raffle tickets, prizes and everything else have helped not only go towards putting more seats in the Bank, but improving the life of young people and making sure the waste flushes away at half time. What more could you want!

Seriously, thank you. Thanks to Jules for conducting the PayPal side of things, to Ben for doing most of the leg work for the raffle, and to both Imptoons (Chris Wray) and Burton Road Chippy for their great events. Thanks to everyone who donated a raffle prize and to everyone who bought a ticket. It’s a great achievement, so well done everyone.