SW Player of the Month: January

Credit Graham Burrell

2022 has certainly started with more positivity than previous months, even if that has been tempered by a couple of disappointing home results. 

In December there were signs of the recovery, if not quite signs of three points, but 2022 started with some good wins. All in all, we’ve taken three wins from five games, or nine points from a possible 15. The games we’ve lost, against Cambridge and Burton, we haven’t actually played all that badly in. That’s perhaps reflected best by the fact our worst performance so far in 2022 would still have won best performance for both November and December, according to your ratings.

As you know, after every game, you have the ability to rate the players on the site, and from there, I can work out your Player of the Month. In December, Josh Griffiths took the award for a second time this season, but we have a brand new winner, and a new face in the top three this month. Despite barely playing.

To recap, these are the rules.

  • To qualify, a player must have played in at least 50% of the games that month.
  • Players who play fewer than 15 minutes will not have their rating counted.
  • If two players are tied, the Player with more appearances will be placed highest.

I think that’s it; if anything else comes to me, I’ll work it in later!

Without further ado, let’s crack on, shall we?

3rd – Cohen Bramall (7.64)

Credit Graham Burrell

Cohen Bramall is quick, we get that, but so was Denise Lewis and you wouldn’t have stuck her on the wing. This month, Cohen has brought much more than just pace to the team; his overlapping has been superb and his crossing very good. He’s been involved in numerous attacks for us, and grabbed an assist against Burton. In total, he’s put 15 crosses into the area through the month, and with John Marquis now likely to be in the right places, we might see more assists for the speedy left-back. I think he deserves a huge amount of credit for this month; remember, it was only in December he headed the ball back across his area against Cheltenham for their late leveller, and people (me included) thought he might be done in a Lincoln shirt. Not so, he’s bounced back really well.


2nd – Chris Maguire (8.07)

Credit Graham Burrell

Chris Maguire only played three of the five games last month, and as such he did qualify for the top three. This rating is almost certainly down to his performance against Sunderland, which it won’t surprise you to know earned him the Performance of the Month (as you’ll see below). It might be tough over the coming weeks for Mags; we’ve seemingly got a wide range of attackers to choose from, and whilst he is a more natural ten than Liam Cullen, his spell on the sidelines could be denting his future prospects. Still, we’ll always have that Lee Johnson moment, won’t we?


1st – Regan Poole (8.20)

Credit Graham Burrell

Right back Poole has been filling in at centre back for the Imps, and he’s been doing it very well indeed. He picked up a Man of the Match for his performance at Plymouth, but he only dropped below an eight (in your eyes) once, and that was in the defeat at the weekend. Even then, you awarded him seven, with Josh Griffiths getting MOM on 7.3. That’s how good Poole has been and it will be interesting to see if we stick with him in the middle when Joe Walsh and Adam Jackson are both fit (or rather, if they’re ever both fit). There’s one thing for certain; Poole’s detractors have seen a glimpse of exactly what he can do this last month.

Previous Winners

August: Anthony Scully 7.54

September: Josh Griffiths 7.90

October: Chris Maguire 7.44

November: Max Sanders 6.40

December: Josh Griffiths 6.70