12 Out Of Contract Players Who Might Fit Lincoln City

Over the last 24 hours or so I’ve been scouring the free agent list to see who might be able to do a job for us.

Of course, this is only my opinion, and I get there will be one or two on this list out of our reach, or others who you instantly turn your nose up at, but it’s a great time of the year for idle debate. After all, we have no other real news to discuss, so why not speculate, right?

What do I think we need? well, as you’ll see from my list, I’ve gone for mainly holding midfielders, attacking midfielders and the odd wide player. At present, we don’t need a striker unless we lose one, as I suspect that’ll be something we address with a loan. That said, I’ve got a striker to suggest as well. In fact, I’ve got just about a player for every position bar full backs, because again, I suspect we might tap the loan market for a pacy wide player.

Predominately, I’ve gone for sitting midfielders, tacklers, distributors and the like. I’ve found exciting young talent, and experienced older heads, all of whom would command only their wages or, in the case of two or three, a fee from their current club. None are under contract, but a couple are under 23 and have been offered a new deal.

Are you ready for a pure speculation article? if it’s not your thing please do me a favour; don’t comment and just move on. Thank you.