In or Out: The players Danny has to make a decision on this summer


Michael O’Connor


Courtesy Graham Burrell

This might not even be up for debate, because when he signed for us his one-year deal included an option of a second year. Remember, when he came here he did so on the back of a season of injury hell. There were question marks over his fitness which right now seems barmy. 

For me, he’s been one of our most consistent players and perhaps a contender for Player of the Year. He’s softened the blow of losing Alex Woodyard and brings a real endeavour to the middle of the park. I liked him when he came as a young man and now he’s matured, I like him even more.

He’s played 32 times, 23 of those coming as starts in the league and despite the recent signing of Mark O’Hara I suspect he’ll keep adding to those. He’s a midfielder, not a defensive one, not an attacking one, but a midfielder. These days we try to box players off to certain areas of the field, but he can get from one area to the other and back again.

He’s a big player for us and I suspect voting yes or no here will be inconsequential as his option is sure to be picked up whichever league we end up in.

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