Top 100 Lincoln City Players of a Generation: 76-100

As they say on woeful talent shows, the vote have been counted and verified and we can now reveal….

We can now reveal the Top 100 Lincoln City Players of a Generation, as voted for by you, the readers of the Stacey West. We have well over 2,500 votes cast in this poll, with almost 140 different players receiving nominations. Remember, this isn’t the best players ever, that would be a different list, but it is the top 100 in your life as a fan. That means it is likely that we’ll see more recent players placed higher than they usually would be. That’s inevitable when the club did a Top 100 back in 2007, Colin Alcide made the list. Time dulls the appeal of some players, and the demographic of voters means some really great names from our history, the likes of Andy Graver and Tony Emery, are unlikely to feature in the top ten as some fans don’t remember them. Maybe, on another day, we’ll compile a list. Maybe.

For now, it’s the Top 100 of a Generation and the start of a week of articles leading up to the live show. On Thursday, at 7pm, we’re going live on Facebook and YouTube in a special podcast. We’ve got fans as guests, we’ve got soundbites from at least five of the top 25 players (more in the pipeline) and we’ve got me and Ben too, perhaps the least thrilling aspect of the evening. Also, we’ll have you, watching at home, commenting on the players and maybe even getting an impromptu invite to come on and chat, who knows?

So, on with the show, right? Here are the Top 100 Lincoln City Players of a Generation, as voted for by you, starting with 100 down to 76. Be prepared to reminisce, react and (in some cases) get a bit angry!