Five Areas Michael Appleton Will Surely Look at This Summer



Credit Graham Burrell

One major issue for me this year has been up top. Tom Hopper has had almost all the pressure placed upon his shoulders, and when we did finally get his replacement back in Callum Morton, injury struck. I think we had had two dedicated strikers available this season, and only had both available for ten matches of our 49-game season so far. That’s just over 20% of the fixtures.

In my opinion, that left us struggling for a plan B at times, certainly in games where Tom was tired, or where a different approach to a false nine was needed. My preference as a fan would be for us to promote a youngster, maybe Freddie Draper, and look to pick up a player from higher up too, another Tayo Edun or Anthony Scully, but who plays the nine role.

It might even be nice to grab someone a little older, maybe 22 or 23, coming out of a Championship club with a point to prove. Look at Jerry Yates of Blackpool, and Ryan Hardie of Plymouth. I rate both, and they have both filtered down the divisions and found a level at which they can thrive.