Five Areas Michael Appleton Will Surely Look at This Summer

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It seems odd, sitting here on an Easter Monday knowing that whatever happens, we won’t really be any clearer on Lincoln City’s fate this season.

Covid has knocked the stuffing out of the club and has meant we get a weekend free when almost all our rivals play. Six weeks ago, you might have looked at Sunderland and Peterborough as a big game for us, but it is Gillingham and Blackpool we have our eyes on.

What is heartening, is that whatever the results today, we will still be in the top six. It might be by the skin of our teeth, but we’ll be in there and hopefully able to come back for the final nine games with a clearer path through the injuries than we had before. Hopefully.

Credit Graham Burrell

Whatever happens, I have no doubt Michael Appleton will have one eye on the future, looking to next season and planning where his squad will go in terms of shape and numbers. The smart money, sadly, would be on us being a League One side next season, especially with teams in the play-offs like Portsmouth and Blackpool in great form. That’s not a disappointment though, if you’d given me top six in August, I’d have taken your hand, arm, shoulder and whatever tendons hung tentatively out of the hastily ripped off limb.

If we are League One next season, where do I think the squad needs to go? What changes will we need to implement to ensure that this is not a one season flash in the pan? Where do Lincoln City need to add, build or retain? I’ve got five moves Michael Appleton must surely be considering this summer.