SW Player of the Month: March

Credit Graham Burrell

March was a month pretty much the same as most that went before; it wasn’t great, but there were moments that we can hold on to. One, the home game against Sheffield Wednesday, is likely to remain with us for a very long time.

That game did remind a bit of our 3-1 victory against Huddersfield back in 2003, not quite sure why. Anyway, any highs were masked by some pretty crushing lows, and once again, we didn’t get the points we should have done through a combination of bad luck, poor effort and pretty much nothing else. Once again, we were rarely outplayed, and on the one occasion we were (Sunderland), we actually got something from the game. That’s Lincoln City 2022 for you.

Anyway, you lot rate the players every game (a little harshly in my opinion), and that leads us to the best and worst of the month. To recap, these are the rules.

  • To qualify, a player must have played in at least 50% of the games that month.
  • Players who play fewer than 15 minutes will not have their rating counted.
  • If two players are tied, the player with more appearances will be placed highest.

Without further ado, let’s crack on, shall we?

3rd – Lewis Fiorini (6.74)

Credit Graham Burrell

I think we missed Lewis quite badly this week, and that’s a testament to how he has bounced back after his spell on the sidelines. The one thing we have not had enough of this season is midfielders, or rather midfielders in form. This wasn’t a great month, but Lewis was outstanding against Sheffield Wednesday, impressive in part against Rotherham and worked tirelessly against Sunderland. We need points to stay up, I’m not sure how many, but having the Scotland Under 21 in the team will help us get some.

2nd – Jordan Wright (6.86)

Credit Graham Burrell

The last time I did a Player of the Month article, Jordan Wright hadn’t made his Football League debut. Here we are, one short month later, and he’s your second-highest-rated Imp. He’s done well since coming in, it’s been a tough ask for him, but it looks as though we’re sticking with him until the end of the season. He’s bagged two Man of the Match awards, against Shrewsbury and Sunderland, and it’s easy to see why. He didn’t have a lot to save against Sunderland, but one save was as good as a winning goal, and against Shrewsbury he made a similar stop. He’s burst onto the scene from nowhere, and over in Ireland Sam Long might be cursing secretly at the increased competition.


1st – Regan Poole (7.22)

Credit Graham Burrell

Player of the Month in January, again in March and almost certainly Player of the Year in May. Regan Poole has really emerged as a key player this season, able to play right back, right centre back in a two or a three, and probably on the left if we asked him. What I like about him, and I’m sure you do, is effort. There have been times when some player’s effort has been questioned, but have you ever thought that of Regan Poole? No.  guess what is a little sad is this award has been given out eight times now, and only twice has a forward player won it. Still, it’s good news for Poole that his effort and endeavour is being noticed.

There is a new feature here usually, my player of the month, but this month it’s the same as your pick.

Previous Winners

August: Anthony Scully 7.54

September: Josh Griffiths 7.90

October: Chris Maguire 7.44

November: Max Sanders 6.40

December: Josh Griffiths 6.70

January: Regan Poole 8.20

February: Brooke Norton-Cuffy 7.20