Four players we were gutted to miss out on, but wouldn’t thank you for now


Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker.jpg
By Nottingham Forest F.C. – Nottingham Forest F.C., CC0,

I know this is going to cause arguments, I can just tell. The league’s second highest scorer, a hugely exciting young talent and I’m saying that I wouldn’t thank you for him?

Damn right.

I’ve seen Walker twice this season against us and both times he faded. Is he up for a proper challenge? I’m not so sure. He got bullied too easily by our defenders and he just wouldn’t have suited our play.

Where would we put him? Behind John Akinde? Remember, if we’d signed Walker it would have been likely we wouldn’t have signed John. I know a few would perhaps have taken that, but not me. John’s been excellent this season, his penalties alone have put us where we are.

Walker wouldn’t have been half as effective for us as he has been the Stags as he wouldn’t have fitted our system. If we do go up, I wouldn’t be clamouring for his signature next season either.



  1. Question: What is the difference between these 5 guys, which you fancied, and the players we bought at the time?
    Answer: None of them have had Danny as manager

  2. OK I,ll get the new ball rolling for the close season. I,d like to see us sign Ilias Chair for next season.

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