Four players we were gutted to miss out on, but wouldn’t thank you for now


Jorge Grant

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By Nottingham Forest F.C. – Nottingham Forest F.C., CC0,

I’m really going for it now, aren’t I? It’s not been four months since I was hoping with every sinew in my body that we’d sign Grant. Genuinely, I felt if we picked him up in January, we’d win the title.

Hang on… we’re eleven points clear of Mansfield who I thought might catch us with Grant in the side. They haven’t though, have they?

In fact, he looked lost and a little confused when we played them. Grant and Walker should have put Mansfield right up there with us, but it hasn’t happened.

Why? I’m not so sure. However, having watched Grant closely, I’m not convinced he is a happy player at the moment. He should have been a creative influence against us, but he was hooked after barely getting a kick. Maybe in our set-up things would have been different.

However, behind Akinde, which is surely where Grant would have played, Danny Rowe has been excellent. 

If we were offered Grant for next season I’d still take him, but I think he’d have a huge point to prove after his Mansfield spell.


  1. Question: What is the difference between these 5 guys, which you fancied, and the players we bought at the time?
    Answer: None of them have had Danny as manager

  2. OK I,ll get the new ball rolling for the close season. I,d like to see us sign Ilias Chair for next season.

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