Thanks, no thanks: Peterborough United

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

I’ve been so eager to write this one. There are just so many to choose from it could be a hundred pages long and still not cover the number of players I want to feature.

It’s the first time I’ve been able to pen this without doing a single bit of research. Even with Grimsby I wanted to check a couple of bits, but for Posh I could have kept on all day. Maybe it’s because much of the stuff I’m going to talk about has happened whilst I’ve been a fan, whilst I’ve been close enough to the club to feel the impact of the comings and goings.

There’s so much material that I’m even going to manage to get a second part out when we play them over Christmas. I mean seriously, where does one start? Even in the last four years there’s been plenty to discuss, but one of the very first things that popped into my head was Christmas 1997. I’ll let those who remember it reminisce on their own without me prompting them. All I do recall clearly of that day was the joy of Lee Thorpe’s opener. the rest? Not so much.

Without further ado (considering I’m writing this at 11 pm on Wednesday and queuing it up so I can record the pod as you read it tonight) let’s crack on with some thanks and no thanks for a side often considered to be a derby of ours; Peterborough United.

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  1. Gary, I went to the Barry Fry evening at the Theatre royal and he said that the only reason they let Anderson go was the current Manager at the time played the Diamond formation and had no room for Wingers but I know that Barry Fry Rates Anderson very highly and thinks he will play at an higher level.

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