The Five Players Who Could Be Loaned Out in January

Remy Longdon

Credit Graham Burrell

I find it difficult to write about Remy in this way because he is a nice guy; he’s done lots of community stuff, and he’s just so grounded. Putting that aside though, he is the obvious candidate to go out on loan, or maybe even leave for a permanent deal somewhere, this January. The trouble is this; when Remy has had a chance, he hasn’t taken it. That really applied quite literally against Burton when he stumbled whilst one-on-one with the keeper, and I think that’s difficult to get over. I still recall Jason lee doing that in 1992/93 away at York – it stays with you. He didn’t get a run out against Bowers and Pitsea either, not even from the bench, and I wonder if that might be a big sign.

Remy would make a solid acquisition for a League Two side looking for energy in the attacking area, and his year-and-a-half with the Imps will certainly have put him in a better place than when he was in Wales, but he needs minutes to prevent stagnating. If he can go somewhere and get those minutes in Jan, loan or permanent, he puts himself in a good place when his contract expires in the summer.