The Five Players Who Could Be Loaned Out in January

Freddie Draper

Credit Graham Burrell

This is a tight one for me; I’m beginning to wonder if Freddie draper shouldn’t go out on loan, because he looks bloody good when he comes on. Will he get the game time when Tom comes back? Maybe, maybe not, but he is one I could see us loaning out when the time comes. The thought will be to get him some senior football, no lower than the National League one would hope, with a view to coming back and impacting the side. However, there are two caveats here; the first being I can’t see him knocking on Michael’s door demanding football. He’s getting in the side, impressing, and working hard. he’ll be keeping his head down. The other issue I can demonstrate using an analogy. You’d be happy to loan your mate a PlayStation Four, if you had a PlayStation 5, or if your PlayStation 4 occasionally didn’t work properly. Would you be happy loaning them a new prototype machine that nobody had seen before, which was exciting but didn’t have the range of games? Not so much. Freddie Draper is the new machine; he’s exciting but we don’t quite know what he can or can’t do right now. Personally, I’d rather find out whilst he wore red and white for Lincoln, not amber and black of Boston or someone like that.