Will The Imps Be Revisiting These Former ‘Targets’ This Winter?

Credit Graham Burrell

The time of year is upon us once again.

You know the one; it’s all about giving (player away) and receiving (better ones). It’s all about the cheer and festivities (we’ve not had much of that in recent weeks), and the goodwill to all men (except those who don’t share your views on social media). It’s also the time for every ex-agent, scout, sweaty teenager in his bedroom to try to remember the password he last used in August for an account full of utter nonsense.

It’s also the time for transfer speculation with some grounding in reality, which is hopefully where this article comes in. I’ve had a look back over the last 12 months at rumoured and reported transfer targets, and have assessed whether I think we’ll be revisiting them this winter. If you think back, we’re good at this as a club; Morgan Rogers signed last winter having been a target in the summer. Tyler Walker was a target for us when he joined Mansfield, and arrived 12 months later; Jorge Grant the same, albeit a winter target in 2019 before arriving the following summer. Come to think of it, how the hell did Mansfield not get promoted out of League Two with those two in their squad?

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Anyway, enough of that. Here’s a look at some of the players we’ve been linked with over the last 12 months, how they’re doing now, and whether we might be back in for them, or not. For the record, I have omitted players who were linked with us, but have since not only found a new club, but are playing regularly for them (Josh Bowler a classic example).