Four players we had last week who won’t play against Grimsby

It’s a funny old game, someone once said. I think it might have been Jimmy Greaves, although I’m sure it’s been said time and again down the years.

Last week at this time Lincoln City had four players available who, for one reason or another, will not be in contention to face our local rivals Grimsby this weekend. There’s every chance we could have new faces by then, but as things stand we’re looking very short of numbers.

That said, there’s little value in having a squad of 23 when you can only put a portion of those in on a match day. For a one-off game, we can plug the gaps left by the various circumstances. Going forward, I don’t think anyone is expecting us to see out a title race with some few players.

Who are the players we no longer have and why don’t we have them available? Who will replace them, if at all in the squad?

Sounds like an article to me. You know what to do.