Rumours Rated: The Imps main transfer rumours so far, discussed and rated

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

It’s silly season, isn’t it? A time when players are constantly linked with moves away from clubs, managers reportedly close to offering out deals and often all of it is hot air.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen an ‘ex agent’ claim Michael O’Connor was going to Harrogate, then another EFL transfer hub claim Tom Pope was wanted by Fylde. In both instances, the bemused players responded themselves.

Many players do not respond, they simply let the rumour die out as quickly as it starts, but when a reputable paper or news outlet publishes something, it’s worth investigating.

After all, what else are we meant to talk about through the summer? Who we might get in a randomly assigned collection of fixtures in 24-hours time? It’s hardly worth the chatter.

That is why I’ve taken five reputable rumours or news stories and ranked them as least likely to most likely for you right here. I’ve also thrown in another rumour I’ve heard, not from a newspaper but from two independent outlets.



  1. What is the situation regarding our better loan players last season. O’Hara, McCartan and Rowe. Has the interest in them not been followed up?

  2. Coker i read elsewhere has just got married at the weekend maybe that has delayed things abit?

  3. I see that George Maris is leaving Cambridge. Danny and Jez George has a long old chat with him after the game at the Abbey Stadium…

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