Free Agents: Some tantalising names from across all three Football League divisions

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I think we’ve had enough speculation about the manager, don’t you? It’s time for another look at players who are available on a free transfer this summer, following the latest retained lists being released.

Discussion is perhaps the most beautiful thing about football; talking tactics and players, debating line ups and strategies is all part of being a fan. It’s why I do these articles, not to suggest we sign these players but to explain why I think they would fit in with the Lincoln City ethos and approach.

You either like these articles or you do not, but please if you don’t just move along. I know not everyone likes them but there are those who relish knowing who some of the names on the free transfer lists are. 

I’ve selected seven names from all three divisions whom I think could be of use to us next season. I’ll explain who they are, why I rate them or think they’d fit and then move on to the next.

All you have to do is read. sound like a deal? Nice one, let’s crack on then.




  1. Interesting read Gary, personally I agree with Mandron. He’d be a good addition to the squad.
    Understood Danny Cowley to have indicated he would be looking at National League and Non League, any thoughts on players from there?

  2. Facts about the manager is all we actually care about, especially now it’s reported he’s being interviewed by West Brom. You keep telling us you’ve got his phone number Gary. Call it!

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