Ten Strikers Who Had Nightmare Sincil Bank Stays

Credit Graham Burrell

Last week, I did an article about strikers at the Bank, which was intended to show players who had previously been ‘proven’ scorers who flopped in red and white.

Sadly, many people believed I had done an article around the worst-ever strikers to grace Sincil Bank and I got a lot of comments starting with the words ‘what about such and such’. Yes, Ben Hutchinson was awful for us, but he never bagged double figures before moving to City, did he? John Akinde is not one of the worst strikers we’ve ever had, but he wasn’t prolific either, unlike his Barnet stay. That was the type of striker I wanted to discuss.

You can read my list of players who had been prolific until they came to Lincoln here.

With that in mind, I have decided to do a rundown of players who really were just awful for us. The players themselves will know they weren’t great and I’m not saying they were bad players as such, just that in a Lincoln shirt they won’t be remembered fondly. I shall only cover players who I saw (and wished I hadn’t) and in fairness to those who were bad once or twice, I will only include players to have appeared ten times or more. I think that is fair and it means I don’t have to find that picture of Gomez Dali trudging off at Braintree after five minutes, or scour the loan signings of David Holdsworth trying to remember which was which.

I will also avoid players that I named in the last article. No point in kicking a man when he is down, is there? Are you ready for what I suppose is ‘the worst strikers I have seen in a Lincoln shirt?’ I could say it is no particular order, but I’d be lying. Click on.